Symphonic Concerts at the Palau

The concert series of the Vallès Symphony Orchestra at the Palau de la Música Catalana returns to the modernist hall to bring classical music to the general public. Programs that fall in love with different generations, tributes to music that accompanies us as our own identity, approaches that invite us to rethink attending a concert. Great symphony, jazz aromas, soundtracks, opera, waltz festivals, baroque evenings and bursting hymns. From 12 to 14 concerts for Saturday afternoons in which to have it all.

12 concerts

A zoneB zoneC zoneD zoneE zone
Youth subscription€405.00€322.00€252.00€174.00€120.00
Second subscription€526.00€419.00€328.00€226.00€158.00

14 concerts

A zoneB zoneC zoneD zoneE zone
Youth subscription€473.00€376.00€294.00€203.00€140.00
Second subscription€567.00€451.00€353.00€244.00€168.00