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Practical information and enrolments

Like last season, enrolments and bookings should be made through the Barcelona City Council web portal.

The concerts will be allocated through a draw by the PAE, the city Schools Activity Programme  (enrolments from 26th June),  while the workshops and guided tours will be allocated in the order in which applications are received (enrolments from 3rd September).

* Your school's password for enrolling is:

USER: the school code given to you by the Catalan government.

PASSWORD: your school's postcode


Preliminary enrolments
From 26th June (9.00am) to 5th September 2018 (6.00pm).

Through the PAE application: www.bcn.cat/educacio/pae

At 10.00am on 7th September 2018, draw and first allocation. Schools which have been allocated a place must confirm their acceptance within the period set.

From 7th September (13.00pm) to 17th September 2018 (6.00pm), schools can confirm the places allocated to them through the PAE platform. If they are not confirmed, the places allocated will be cancelled automatically and offered as free places in the next allocation.  If the school does not receive an allocation in this first period, it can check again for the second allocation process.

Confirmation period for the second allocation process
From 18th September 2018 (9.00am) to 20th September 2018 (6.00pm).
If they are not confirmed the places will be automatically cancelled and offered as free places.

Enrolments for free places
From 21th September 2018 (9.00am).


From 3rd September 2018 by applying to the PAE: www.bcn.cat/educacio/pae. Direct allocation in order of application.

Once the booking has been allocated and confirmed, there is a deadline of one month in which to make a single payment by bank transfer in the name of "FUNDACIÓ ORFEÓ CATALÀ-PALAU DE LA MÚSICA" to Caixa Bank IBAN number: ES71.2100.0900.94.0211344218, stating the booking code and the name of the school.

In the event of cancellation, call 93 295 72 17 or send an e-mail message to: escoles@palaumusica.cat to notify the Palau. Once payment has been made, the money will not be refunded in the event of cancellation of some or all of the places paid for.

Special facilities
In order to provide all the attention necessary, an e-mail message must be sent to: escoles@palaumusica.cat to tell us about disabilities of any kind which will require special attention (visual or auditory disabilities, wheelchair, etc.).

Important note
If circumstances dictate, Escoles al Palau, may make changes to the dates, times or performers announced.