Physical diversity and/or reduced mobility

- The Palau de la Música Catalana is accessible for people with reduced mobility through elevators on all floors.

- There is also a wheelchair lift on the Foyer floor to access the balconies where the Foyer exhibitions are located.

-In the Sala Lluís Millet, there is a ramp for accessing the column balcony. The Palau de la Música Catalana also has adapted restrooms and a wheelchair lending service upon request.

- In the vicinity of the Palau, there are parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility. The closest ones to the Palau are on Ortigosa Street and Sant Pere Més Baix Street. The use of parking spaces for individuals with functional diversity is subject to the possession of a reduced mobility parking card (PMR).

Auditory diversity: deaf or hard of hearing individuals

- Deaf signing individuals can request specific visits with Spanish Sign Language interpreters (minimum 12 people).

Visual diversity: Blind or visually impaired individuals

- Blind or visually impaired individuals: Soon, the audio guides will have audio description.

- For blind or visually impaired individuals, individual guided tours are also organized (minimum 12 people).

Special prices

- Special rates for visits for individuals with functional diversity. With a degree below 65%, the cost of the visit is 8 euros; with a degree above 65%, the visit is free.

- Special rates for individuals with disabilities above 33%, and a 30% discount for minors with disabilities, with a special price extendable to up to three companions.

- Individuals with functional diversity above 33% enjoy an additional 5% discount on the general subscription price and preference in the purchase calendar.

- Discounts on ticket prices (extendable to one companion) are applicable for individuals using wheelchairs in areas designated for this purpose. Despite the Palau being a historic venue with architectural limitations, we work to make the concert experience accessible to all groups.

- To access these tickets and apply special rates, you can contact the box office at +34 93 295 72 07 or [email protected]

- The Orfeó Català-Palau de la Música Catalana Foundation also offers special prices in adherence to the Apropa Cultura program and its inclusive leisure project.

Tactile model

This intelligent model replicates the Concert Hall in great detail and features 25 points of interest connected to software that can provide immediate responses to users while they touch the most significant architectural elements with their hands.

This resource is universally accessible and is designed to allow children, adults, blind individuals, those with low vision, deaf individuals, and those with reduced mobility to enjoy the architecture and music of the Palau in a completely innovative and inclusive manner.