Entities and schools participating in Palau Vincles

  • Escola Sant Joan Baptista
  • Escola La Salle Comtal
  • Escola Sant Felip Neri
  • Escola Sagrada Família Avinyó
  • Escola Els Horts
  • Escola Miquel Bleach
  • Centre Obert Glamperetes
  • Centre Obert Compartir
  • Centre Obert Esquitx
  • Centre Obert Tria
  • Fundació Esperança
  • Casal dels Infants del Raval
  • Centre Obert Torre Baró
  • Fundació Pare Manel
  • Fundació El Terral
  • Fundació Idea (Sabadell)

Choirs school of Ciutat Vella

  • Cor Juvenil de Ciutat Vella
  • Cor Mitjans de Ciutat Vella

Mentored choirs

  • Associació Akan - Banyoles
  • Cors de Ciutat Vella - Barcelona
  • Escola El Carme Vedruna - Manlleu
  • Escola Germanes Bartomeu - Mataró
  • Fundació Xamfrà - Barcelona
  • Institut Teuleria - Manlleu
  • Manlleu Canta / Mercat de Manlleu


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Pedagogical Team

The Palau Vincles teaching team is made up of conductors and teachers from the Orfeó Català Choir School, with extensive experience in the field of teaching choral singing, joined by conductors trained on the choral conducting and teaching courses organised by the same project. The conductors of the project are Guifré Canadell, Quima Farré, Gloria Fernández, Mariona Fernández, Alba Millán and Mercè Pi. The project also has Anna Niebla as a pianist of the Youth Choir of the Palau Vincles Project. Since 2015, the team of directors has integrated the figure of a speech therapist, Marina Pintanel, to detect problems in singers’ hearing apparatus. This specialist performs diagnosis and draws up an individualised corrective programme or sends the child to their health centre. In Palau Vincles, Guifré Canadell is responsible for the pedagogical and musical part, while Susana Serrano is its managing director.

As an educational and social project, Palau Vincles takes place both on the premises of the Orfeó Català Choir School (at the Palau de la Música Catalana) and in schools and other centres. The choirs rehearse one day a week in 45-minute sessions. At the end of the school year all the choirs appear together in a concert at the Palau de la Música Catalana to which all the families are invited. This represents a way of opening the doors of the Palau to people in the neighbourhood. Moreover. The choirs, educators and families also work with the Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès and at the Maria Canals piano competition with occasional performances and concerts. In addition, each of the choirs has its own individual programme of activities, including small concerts throughout the year.