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For more than three decades, the Palau de la Música Catalana has collaborated with the educational community through the Escoles al Palau cycle in order to offer activities and artistic proposals that promote the comprehensive development of children and young people in our country.

As an exceptional space that captivates all who enter it, the Palau de la Música Catalana wants to become a catalyst for experiences and artistic experiences, both from a cognitive, sensory, emotional and spiritual point of view. For this reason, the concert-shows that make up the Educational Service program have been conceived with the aim of being attractive and understandable for different age groups. Always with a common denominator, that music becomes the great protagonist of the artistic experience and that at the same time, it interacts with other disciplines such as dance, poetry, theater, videomapping and plastic arts, among others.

Understanding the ritual of a concert, recognizing repertoires and instruments, fostering respect for the performers, learning to listen to music with an appropriate attitude and knowing how to be silent without having to move, are key skills to achieve active and more conscious listening.

Dowload program Escoles al Palau 2023-2024

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