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Els Sons del Cel is an educational project promoted by the Palau de la Música Catalana, the Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya, the Institut de Salut Global de Barcelona, and the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona, thanks to the support of the Fundació Espanyola per la Ciència i la Tecnologia (FECYT) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

It is a transversal itinerary that aims to address a global issue that affects society as a whole: noise pollution.

From artistic, scientific, environmental, and health perspectives, children will develop skills and knowledge that will allow them to become aware of their sound environment with the aim of finding strategies to reduce noise pollution in the classroom and at school. In other words, through this project, we will promote competency-based learning that is transferable, meaningful, permanent, productive, and functional



Ability to listen to and observe our environment in a more active and conscious way.

Ability to empathize with others and with future generations.

Ability to analyze, think, create, and transform our environment.


Knowledge: artistic, scientific, linguistic, environmental, social, and health-related.


Becoming aware of the sound environment and the problems that noise pollution generates in our society to seek shared solutions for improvement. Actively engaging to make the school a space of silence, dialogue, peace, and developing the capacity for attentive and conscious listening that connects us with the world around us.

Sons del Cel