Board of Trustees of the Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Orfeó Català-Palau de la Música Catalana Foundation is composed of 22 members and is chaired by the president of the Orfeó Català Association, by virtue of this position. Ten members of the Board of Trustees have been appointed by the Presidency of the Orfeó Català. Eight members are part of the Board of Directors of the Orfeó Català Association, and two are members of the Orfeó Català with recognized prestige, appointed with the approval of the Council of Patronage. Another eight members have been chosen by the Council of Patronage. The remaining three members represent the administrations: the Government of Catalonia, the City Council of Barcelona, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports.

Governing body



Joaquim Uriach Torelló

First Vice President

Ramon Agenjo Bosch

Second Vice President

Eugenia Bieto Caubet


Ignacio García-Nieto Portabella


Joan Vallvé Ribera

Committee members

  • Generalitat de Catalunya: Jordi Foz i Dalmau
  • Ajuntament de Barcelona: Xavier Marcé Carol
  • Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte: Joan Francesc Marco Conchillo


  • Jordi Cabré Trias
  • Mireia Carmona Sanz
  • Joaquim Coello Brufau
  • Lluís Domènech Girbau
  • Guillem Gascón Picallo
  • Xavier García-Moll Marimon
  • Mireia Tomàs Carulla
  • Maria Àngels Vallvé Ribera
  • Artur Carulla Font - Agrolimen
  • Maria Isabel Buesa Gambau- Endesa
  • Miquel Molins Nubiola - Fundació Banc Sabadell
  • Elisa Maria Duran Montolio- Fundació "la Caixa"
  • Sara Puig Alsina- Fundació Puig
  • Alfonso Rodés Vilà - Havas


Guests with voice but without vote

  • Joan Oller Cuartero, Director General
  • Jaume Marfà, advocat
  • Compliance and Governance Commission

Foundation Committees

  • C. de Compliment i Governança
  • C. Delegada
  • C. Comptes
  • C. Artística
  • C. Mecenatge
  • C. de Joves

The functions of all of them can be consulted in the Statutes as well as in the Code of Ethics and Good Governance of the Foundation.

Management Committee

Management Committee

Management Comitee

General Management

Joan Oller

Financial and IT Management

Emma Creus

People Management

Juan Carlos Vicario

Maintenance Management

Jesús Pinós

Patronage Management

Maribel Palau

Artistic Management

Mercedes Conde

Communication Management

Judith Pi

Audience Management

Darío Fernández

Orfeó Català and Choir School Management

Maria Ibarz

Palau Vincles Management

Susana Serrano

CEDOC Management

Marta Grassot

1. Compliance and Governance Commission

The Compliance and Governance Commission is a collegiate and independent body, with autonomous powers of initiative and control, which carries out its regulatory control tasks over all the members of the Foundation, including its governing bodies. The general and specific functions of this Commission are regulated by its Rules of Procedure.

4. Contracts and agreements signed with public administrations