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Irene Solà, guest storyteller

The footsteps of small animals on the roof. Creatures peeled away like onions. Women describing their own deaths with irreverent laughter. Turns in the road that are memorised as songs.

There is no recital of Irene Solà’s work (Mala, Osona, 1990) that is not accompanied by applause. The poem Bèstia (Amadeu Oller Prize 2012), the novel Els dics (Prize Documenta 2017) and Canto jo i la monta balla (Anagrama Books Award 2019) set up an exuberant and celebratory journey of bodies, spirits, nature, layers, stories and voices.

Solà gathers us around the fire to celebrate the art of telling stories; how they are constructed, where they are told, who they belong to, how they take shape. Through the power of imagination and words, they inhabit the vision and voice of people, animals, natural phenomena, historical events, mushrooms, spectra or water women.

A graduate in fine arts, Solà forged her voice by composing poetry and fixing it to the Faculty walls, and explored installation, video art, and the visual arts, while avoiding any pre-packaged categories and putting text at the centre of her work. She has exhibited her works at the CCCB, the Whitechapel Gallery and Jerwood Arts Centre in London, and at the Bòlit de Girona, among other art and poetry venues and festivals. Her biography grew on the back of cosmopolitan London where she published her first works, and in the region of Osona, where she has her roots.

Solà’s residence in our hundred-year-old home will reveal the vistas and stories that lurk within, and give new perspectives from which we can build new stories. It is a significant challenge, a game, that will be broken down into various projects. The Palau offers its memories like a barometer of culture, and the magic of a music box. The weight of history and the weightlessness of emotions spoken and tacit. The echoes of ancestral wisdom and the vibrant pulse of the present. The Palau imagined historically as a stage, as a temple, as a monument... but which can also become a forest, a workshop, an archive, a bedroom... How many Palaus are there? How many can we live with? How will they strengthen our imagination, how will they challenge us, how many will be fleeting, and how many live forever?

When Irene Solà sings... the Palau dances!

Story about the Palau de la Música Catalana

The artist will look for all the stories and possible voices in a immersion in the life and history of the Concert Hall.
She will delve into archives, experience firsthand the concert life, sleep in his spaces ... and tell us in a story everything he has experienced between our centuries-old walls.

Performance by Irene Solà & Laia Estruch

Performance around the expressive resources of voice and the art of storytelling in relation to the monumental architecture of the Palau

Place and date to be confirmed

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