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The Spanish school of guitar is represented by a very interesting collection of local and foreign publications, as well as didactic writings.


Six petites pièces pour guitare by Ferran Sor

Ferran Sor. Six petites pièces pour guitare. Op. 42. à Paris : Chez Pacini, [between 1830 and 1831]. Printed music, 9 p. (33 cm)


Six petites pièces pour guitare by Ferran Sor

Six petites pièces pour guitare by Ferran Sor

On the first page of this edition, the dedication and signature of Ferran Sor (Barcelona, 1778 – Paris, 1839) are covered by a strip of paper with the address of José León, music dealer in Madrid (Gorguera Street).

These six pieces are ordered in three groups of two pieces, each in a different key, connecting a slow movement with a waltz in three-time (Cantabile and waltz in C major, Andantino and waltz in E major, and Moderato and waltz in A major).

The guitar enjoyed incredible success in the 1830s throughout Europe, mainly due to the Italian virtuosi Carulli and Paganini, and the Spanish Fernando Sor and Dionisio Aguado. The Parisian publishers, such as Neapolitan Antonio Pacini (1778 – 1866) contributed to this “guitar mania”. The publication of Fernando Sor’s Méthode pour la guitare (Bonn, 1830 – Paris, 1832), as well as his 63 works of opus, represents the pinnacle of this repertoire. Composer and virtuoso, Sor wrote pieces for the guitar in all genres and of great quality (sonatas, studies, fantasias, variations, duets, etc.).

Fernando Sor began his musical studies at the Escolania of Montserrat. He started his career under the sponsorship of patrons, such as the Duchess of Alba and the Duke of Medinaceli, which continued during the French occupation under Joseph Bonaparte. In 1813, he had to take refuge in Paris. His international career took him to London and, later, to St Petersburg. He also enjoyed great success as a composer of operas and ballets.

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