The singers

"We are very different from one another; in age, in style, in our interests in life, but we inevitably come together in the music and its consequences. I couldn't tell you how,  but the Cor de Noies makes me feel special about what I do, about what I share with my colleagues and above all about the music we make, because when music comes out of what you do with love then it always has a sweeter taste." 

Alba Romero, singer

"The Cor de Noies is turning into an essential pillar for me and my start in a singing career. In searching for myself, I've found a group of people who transmit and give more and more day after day to those of us lucky enough to be part of it. They're great professionals and great people who give you their support from the word go, who show you music with new eyes and give you constant learning that I can't set a price on. And with girls made of special stuff, each of them different but all with a similar inner light. You just have to see us, hear us, to see all this and more." 

Jandra Cabello, singer