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Érase una vez...


Paco Ibáñez


Paco Ibáñez, turned into a living legend and a point of reference for several generations, presents his latest musical work Érase una vez... at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona.

He now offers us, through songs for children and for those who hold in their hearts the child they once were, a cluster of beautiful songs from the high poetry of all centuries that help open the eyes and the heart to beauty.

His voice and his songs accompanied a generation of protesters who turned them into anthems that continue to resonate every time a cry for freedom arises over time.

Paco Ibáñez symbolizes thousands and thousands of lives, those of all generations that have fought and those that continue to fight and have given everything, sacrificed everything for their ideas; his songs pay tribute to his passage through history. To his dignity.

Paco Ibáñez continues to be a beacon to navigate these times of global ignominy. He is the reason and the poetry in a time of madness and forgetting the beauty of words.

Information and tickets

Dates and tickets

  • 3 April 2024
    21:00 h
    Concert Hall

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Prices:From 18 to 48 euros
Organized by:Concert Studio

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C/ Palau de la Música, 4-6
08003 Barcelona
T. 932 957 207
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Paco Ibáñez