The year 2025 marks a thousand years since the founding of the Montserrat Monastery by Oliba, Bishop of Vic and Abbot of Ripoll. It is a solemn celebration, as it is one of the institutions that best preserves and embodies essential facts of Catalonia's history, while also being a standard-bearer for the Catalan language, shared with the Palau de la Música Catalana.

Montserrat also upholds a spirituality—through worshiping God and being part of the Church—that is inherent to the human condition and, beyond religious rituals, finds in music one of the most direct paths to divinity. This is a common ground with the Palau, whose central mission is to enhance people's lives through music. Thus, the Palau eagerly joins this extraordinary and joyous celebration with an extensive program where collaborations between both institutions will encourage the participation of their main assets.

The Palau will host the oratorio "Pacis Visio", composed by a group of contemporary composers who emerged from the Escolania de Montserrat. The Escolania de Montserrat will perform the "Llibre vermell de Montserrat", while the Palau will feature works by composers from the Montserrat school, alongside other collaborations that will extend throughout the year and beyond the duration of the celebration, to which the Palau enthusiastically contributes.

Millenary of Montserrat