Laia Llobera, guest poet

Laia Llobera (Barcelona, 1983) has dedicated words to her such as "the rare diamond of Catalan poetry", "a rare bird of current poetry", "a natural mystic", "cenobitic transgressor" or "high poet who falls the grace".

His poetry exudes a deep spirituality that revolves around the basic questions of the human being, those that often can only be answered in the imaginary universe of poetry or through transcendence. Her poems capture the mystery of the moment, the magic of everyday life, the immanence of the cycle of nature (as a provider of symbols, of investigation of the truth) and the intangible fundamental meaning of existence. This singularity of hers has made her one of the most original and powerful voices of our poetry.

Of his literary production, the trilogy formed by Certeza de la luz (LaBreu, 2014), Silvestre (Lleonard Muntaner Editor, 2018, Padre Colom Poetry Award) and Libro de revelaciones (LaBreu, 2020) stand out: a mystical journey in that emerge "from the infinity of the springs of human knowledge to the inner vision of light and knowledge." With Cassandra (Campesino, 2022, in collaboration with Kima Guitart), the poet delves into the universe of mantic and visions; and with Paradísia (Ediciones 3i4, 2023, Vicent Andrés Estellés Poetry Award), she intensifies her poetic space of earthly communion and cosmic breath.

Laia Llobera will participate in the season of the Palau de la Música Catalana in L'Hivernacle activities as a reciter of her own poems and also defending the Catalan poetry of Modernism, contemporary with the construction of the Palau. In addition, she will also inspire new creations, such as a new work by the composer Mariona Vila that will premiere the Cor de Noies del Orfeó Català and will write new works at the Palau's proposal.

Concerts with works by Laia Llobera

Concerts with works by Laia Llobera

Laia Llobera