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Exhibition: The Light of the Elements


Dates: January 16 to March 31, 2024
Place: Sala Lluís Millet
Access: with concert ticket (see schedule) or guided tour (from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)


Eugènia Balcells proposes an original installation for the Sala Lluís Millet of the Palau de la Música Catalana: “The Light of the Elements”

The project The Light of the Elements consists of:
-mural Tribute to the Elements
-sudiovisual installation Frequencies

The audiovisual installation created by Eugènia Balcells for the Sala Lluís Millet speaks of creation as an energy dance that manifests itself through lights and colours, as happens in the stained glass window and in the balustrade of the modernist columns.

In Tribute to the elements, two icons of physics and chemistry have been assembled in a single image for the first time: the emission spectra of the elements and the periodic table. Tribute to the elements recognizes the symbolic character of the Periodic Table by adding the signature of light of each element to its chemical description. Tribute to the elements simultaneously celebrates the intrinsic power of light and the invaluable treasure of human knowledge. No other image has the symbolic character of unity in diversity contained in this mural.

The mural Tribute to the elements offers spectators an aesthetic experience that brings them closer to the current understanding of reality, following a well-established tradition in Art History, as for example the cathedrals did by spreading with their sculptural porticos and their paintings the knowledge available in their time.

Frequencies is a work of video art created from the luminous spectra of the elements that, in the Sala Lluís Millet, will be offered in an unprecedented way in an interlaced superposition on the walls of the room and on the floor, creating a fabric of light that will allow people to immerse themselves in this dance of lights and be part of the work in an immersive way.

The video installation Frequencies is an immersive continuous projection in which the luminous fingerprints that each of the elements emits combine with each other, which allows each individual to experience first-hand the atomic vibration of matter. It takes us into the interior of a poetry written in the fundamental alphabet: the matter that forms the Universe. It lets us touch the spectral lines and walk between them, observing the partitions between them and thus detecting the most subtle quantum states. In some way, we can affirm that light is the voice of matter.

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    Organized by:Fundació Orfeó Català-Palau de la Música

    Exhibition: The Light of the Elements