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Cafè Palau

Restaurant / Cafe

Open every day of the year from 9 to 24

A Breakfast, a lunch, a brunch, a post-concert drink, a private meeting. Café Palau, the meeting point in the center of Barcelona. A unique space, for a unique kitchen.

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Daily Menu (from 1pm to 4 pm)

Our daily menu of 12 euros is unbeatable in the city. Delicious, fresh and refreshed daily, it also includes drinks and desserts.

If you want something faster try our Pim-Pam formula. And of course we have our careful menu.

Concert nights

Special service before, during breaks and after all concerts.

Our Concert-Packs is a great option for dinner at a great price.

Place your order before and you will have it ready at the end of the concert or at the end of the concert. Enjoy a wonderful night!


Cafè Palau

Café-restaurant with modern cuisine based on tradition, with fresh local products that offers breakfast, an excellent daily menu and a varied menu with different nutritional options.

The terrace

Café Palau also has a privileged terrace on Plaça del Palau, an authentic oasis in the center of Barcelona, a perfect meeting point for eating, having a snack or staying with family or friends at any time of the day.

El Mirador

Designed for special meetings and for corporate or private groups, El Mirador del Palau is a very cozy exclusive space located in the upper part of the Plaça del Palau and facing the façade. Give yourself an unbeatable view of the modernist façade of Domènech i Montaner.

Balot Restauració

It is a Barcelona restaurant group that manages four restaurants and a catering service. Its founder and director Silvia Aliot has created a style based on modern, healthy cuisine with traditional roots, with excellent presentation, friendly and agile professional service, in pleasant spaces with a strong personality.