Born in Alcanar in 1973, she is an artist and graphic designer who seeks to express femininity and exalt the strength, character, and resilience of women through pictorial portraits of anonymous women that represent a common identity. The women of Adela Beltran Sancho evoke, in their gaze, the inner fire and longing for life and transcendence of so many women silenced by history.

Trained in Barcelona, she discovered her creative impulse at a young age. After working for a long time as a graphic designer, in recent years artistic creation on canvas and using various techniques including oil, acrylic, wax, and collage with various supports, such as materials of organic and also recycled origin, has invaded her creative space. The main theme of her collection focuses on women. In her paintings, female faces express their thoughts through a gaze directed towards the viewer. Adela Beltran aims to represent all those unknown women from the past who have played an essential role, despite being anonymous, in the course of history. Strong, brave, and empowered women. Women who are part of the present through generations of men and women who have passed on a genetic inheritance, but also an attitude towards life.

Adela Beltran is the vice president of the Úniques Foundation, an organization that promotes the art of women artists from the Catalan Countries, based in Barcelona.

Adela Beltran Sancho