Lecture by Mercedes Conde about the concert of Palau 100 Ceciclia Bartoli & 'La cenerentola'.

Premiered in Spain two hundred years ago, La Cenerentola is one of the most brilliant scores of the composer of Pesaro. Twenty years ago Cecilia Bartoli debuted in the leading role of this title. Immediately, the recreation of a virtuous and tender Angelina was internationally positioned as the queen of the rossinian vocal. Surrounded by friends, the Roman singer represents the promise of a Cinderella become the Princess of Lyric.

Cecilia Bartoli  Angelina
Edgardo Rocha  Don Ramiro
Alessandro Corbelli  Dandini
Carlos Chausson  Don Magnifico
Les Musiciens du Prince
Gianluca Capuano Conductor

G. ROSSINI: La Cenerentola

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