Simon Halsey, guest conductor of the choirs of the Orfeó Català, invites interested singers to get to know and sing with the Orfeó by participating in an activity open to singers from everywhere: together with the Orfeó Català, they will prepare and perform Johannes Brahms' A German Requiem in concert, piano version (4 hands), with pianists Pau Casan and Paul Parera, and soloists Ulrike Haller and Josep-Ramon Olivé.

The concert will take place on July 14th at 12 pm in the concert hall of the Palau de la Música Catalana.


Tuesday July 9th 20h to 22:30 h Partial and tutti Petit Palau
Friday July 12th 19h to 22h Cor and piano Petit Palau
Saturday July 13th 10h to 14h General rehearsal  Concert Hall
Sunday July 14th 10h to 11h Sound check Concert Hall
12h Concert Concert Hall


Conditions of Participation

_Limited spots, prior registration required.

_Activity aimed at adult singers. It is not essential to have sung the piece.

_Original sheet music is required from the specified publisher; participants cannot use photocopies or scores from a different publisher. J. Brahms: A German Requiem Op. 45 • Piano vocal score Urtext. Ed. Breitkopf&Härtel. EB 9362.

_The German Requiem is a very demanding piece. Therefore, participants won't perform it entirely; some fragments will be sung by the Orfeón alone. Participants WILL NOT sing the following sections:

N2: compàs 75 (C) a compàs 126 (E) / c.207 a c.303 (N)

N3: c.164 a c.173 / Fuga c.173 a fi

N5: sencer

N6: c.82 a c.207 / c.235 (H) a c.248 (I) / c.290 (L) a c.304 / c.316 (M) a c.330 (N)

N7: c.1 a c.58 / c.76 (C) a c.127

_Singers needing the sheet music will have to pay: €30

_Singers who already have the sheet music will pay: €15

_These fees include the cost of pianists and soloists, rehearsals, the sheet music if not owned, and the ticket for the concert at the Palau de la Música Catalana.

_Registration will not be finalized until payment is received.

_To make the registration payment, a transfer must be made indicating number: ES61 0081 1960 3400 0101 7010 | SWIFT: BSABESBB

_When making the transfer, please specify the following concept: PRB + participant's full name (not the account holder's name, but the name of the attending singer).

_You will receive an email the week of June 10, 2024, confirming your participation and providing practical information for July 14, 2024.


Tickets for the concert will be on sale to the public starting from June 17, 2024.

Former member singers of the Orfeó Català

_Special prices for former singers who are members of the Orfeó Català.

_Former member singers will need to pay for the sheet music they require at a discounted rate, they won't pay the registration fee, and will receive an invitation to the concert.

_Former member singers needing the sheet music will have to pay €20.

_Singers who already have the sheet music won't have to pay.


The registration period will be from April 29 to May 27, 2024. Your spot will be reserved once the registration fee is confirmed (which must be done before May 31).

Spaces are limited, prior registration is required.



Participatory Concert and Brahms' Requiem