This smart model replicates the stage of the Concert Hall in great detail. It features 26 touchpoints with explanations related to the architecture and history of the Palau that we can enjoy while tracing, with our hands, the relief of the different elements that make up the mouth of the modernist stage. This resource is universally accessible and is designed for children, adults, individuals with blindness or low vision, individuals with deafness (with subtitles and a magnetic loop), and individuals with reduced mobility, enabling them to enjoy the architecture and music of the Palau in a completely innovative and inclusive way. The model is located in the Palau's Foyer (cafeteria), and access is free and open.

Instructions for use

The model incorporates 26 audio tracks explaining the elements of interest on the Palau's stage. Use one hand to explore the model and find the sensors. In the center of the stage floor, you have 1 sensor with the introduction. To the left of the stage mouth, there are 2 areas with sensors, and to the right, you'll find 2 more. At the top of the stage background, there are 2 areas with sensors, the organ in the center, and the singers on either side. At the bottom, you'll find 19 sensors, 1 on the central shield and 18 on the muses, distributed in 9 and 9 on each side of the stage.

Accessible tactile model of the Palau de la Música Catalana