Lecture: The music and soul of the ancestor
Juan Luis Arsuaga, paleontologist and co-director of Atapuerca Project 

The oldest musical instrument that has been found is a flute from 35,000 years ago, and whoever built or played it was a member of our same species. We have no news that the other human species knew the music, although perhaps they delighted in the songs of the birds. But did they talk? What connection is there between language and music? It is a difficult question to answer because in the words and the musical notes the wind takes them.

Juan Luis Arsuaga, world expert in the study of human evolution, has a degree and PhD in Biological Sciences from Unviersitat Compultense de Madrid. Since 1892 he is a member of Investigations of the Pleistocene Sites of the Sierra de Atapuerca (Burgos) and since 1991 he is the co-director, together with José María Bermúdez and Eudald Carbonell, a team that in 1997 received the Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific Research and Technique.

Lecture: The music and soul of the ancestor