Estrella Morente


Estrella Morente


Estrella Morente occupies a special place in the flamenco firmament. We met her through the work of her father, the great and unforgettable Enrique Morente, in which she actively participates in such notable albums as Omega, El peque'o reloj or la Misa flamenca.

We knew solo immediately afterwards and, since then, we have seen him fly and grow in each project, flamenco, Argentine tango, copla, rock...

In his latest album Leo, from 2021, he shows his most feline and visceral part, betting on one side for the most traditional and wild and on the other hand for the most technological and more avant-garde, thus always having a foot in the past, the great teachers, in history and on the other hand towards the new generations and towards the future. His work is always loaded with a humanitarian sense and in defence of human rights, as he shows in his claim against arms...

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  • 29 December 2023
    21:00 h
    Concert Hall

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Estrella Morente