Carlos Núñez


Carlos Núñez


Carlos Núñez returns once again to the traditional New Year's Eve celebration at the Banco Mediolanum Festival Mil·lenni at Palau de la Música.

He does so after presenting his album Celtic Sea around the world in collaboration with the shipping company Brittany Ferries, founded and still controlled by Breton farmers 50 years ago. The Galician bagpiper has said the following about this collaboration: "I share with Brittany Ferries a passion for connecting the Celtic cultures of the Atlantic. Traveling on their ships, from one Finisterre to another, was the greatest possible inspiration to pay tribute to the genre of Celtic music, creating a new work that represents our life philosophy, always linked to the inter-Celtic spirit that guides Brittany, the geographical center of all Atlantic Celts. And it's worth noting that Brittany Ferries is simply continuing a tradition of 10,000 years of exchanges across the Celtic Sea."

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  • 30 December 2024
    21:00 h
    Concert Hall

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Carlos Núñez