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Would you like to enjoy music together with your family or friends? If you purchase 4 tickets for the same concert you will benefit from a 10% discount on your ticket prices.

Big groups

For the purchase of a set of 15 or more tickets for the same concert you will benefit from a 15% discount on the price of your tickets.


If you are under 35 you can benefit from the following discounts:

  • 40% discount on season subscriptions
  • 30% discount on individual tickets
  • Access to tickets at a reduced price via the Escena25 portal of the Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Free tickets for ESO students via the Quadern Cultura program of the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona

Also, with the youth stands you will be able to purchase tickets at a reduced price for selected seats of specific concerts.

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Promotions intended for youth under 35. Age checks might be performed during access control.

Other collectives

The Palau de la Música offers special rates for groups and social organizations in numerous concerts of the season.

  • Members of the Orfeo Català
  • Large, single parent and foster families
  • People with disabilities greater than 33%
  • Unemployed
  • Retired
  • Carnet Barcelona Library (available online) and Catalunya.

The discount percentage for each group varies according concert or concert series. To see the discount applied in each case you can get in contact with the Palace box office (T.902.442.882).

  • These discounts are only applicable for tickets purchased at the box office for concerts of ourown programming
  • Discounts are not cumulative
  • Users will need to provide documentation proving they belong to their stated collective
  • Visitors requiring a wheelchair will be located in areas designated for that purpose (available in zone A with a special price) for infrastructure issues of the Palau. In the event that the accreditation requirement disability indicate support of a companion , the person who has this function also enjoy the same discount

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