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Discount policy, minors and disabled access


Group discounts and volume of tickets

 For the purchase of a bloque of fifteen or more tickets per concert, apply in the Box Office of the Palau de la Música, a 15% discount on the total price of the localities.

Rate shared

 Like enjoying music with family or friends? For the purchase of four tickets for one concert a discount of 10% on ticket prices. Discount is applicable in a wide selection of concert of the season.

Special groups with discount

The Palau de la Música offers special rates for groups and social organizations in numerous concerts of the season. Some of these collectives with special prices are:

— Members of the Orfeo Català.
— Young people under 35 years.
— Youth Card (available online).
— Large and single parent families.
— People with disabilities greater than 33%.
— Unemployed.
— Retired.
— Carnet Barcelona Library (available online) and Catalunya.

The Orfeó-Catalan Music Palace adheres also Zoom Culture program on ease of access to concerts by groups at risk of social exclusion.


— The discount percentage for each group varies according concert or concert series. To see the discount applied in each case you can get in contact with the Palau box office (T.902.442.882)

— These discounts are only applicable on sale at the box office and concerts to the own programming.

— Discounts are not cumulative.

— It shall be credited with prior identification belonging to some of these special groups at the box office Palau de la Música Catalana.

— Dependents Wheelchair will be located in areas designated for that purpose (available in zone A with a special price) for infrastructure issues of Palau . In the event that the accreditation requirement disability indicate support of a companion , the person who has this function also enjoy the same discount.


  • All children under 4 years can only access at the concerts scheduled for the Fundació Orfeó Català - Palau de la Música in the Family Concerts at the Palau.
  • In Family Concerts series, all children over one year must acquire its own entrance. In the case of performances and workshops specifically geared to families with babies 0 to 12 months , they have also acquired its own entrance.
  • Children under 14 years must be accompanied by a legal guardian to access the hall.
  • In concerts by external promoters refer to the promoter in each case

The Palau is committed to the dissemination of music among the young, which is why the Concerts Familars al Palau and Escoles al Palau series of concerts are organised especially for them. However, for all other performances, in particular classical concerts, proper conditions of silence and behaviour are required so that the audience can listen to them as they would wish. For this reason, and in order to ensure these conditions, all children of any age who interfere with listening to concerts must leave the auditorium.


For more information about special locations for groups or people with mobility problems and special rates, please contact the ticket office Palau de la Música Catalana: 902 442 882 / taquilles@palaumusica.cat) order adapting its appropriate location.