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Palau Cambra

Chamber music allows one to crystallise the greatest classical beauty, capture the deepest suffering, achieve dissonance and harmony, teeter on a precipice or swim in total serenity. The essence of music, with four concerts in Palau Cambra, bringing the performers face to face in a frank dialogue with the audience. A journey of shared ideals and risk.


A zoneB zoneC zoneD zoneE zone
Normal price€110----
Youth subscription(-40%)€66----
Second subscription(-35%)€71----

Extraordinary concerts

The four sessions in the Palau Cambra season subscription are completed with two concerts that invite some of today’s greatest talents to the stage. The first features the legendary Quartet for the End of Time interpreted by a true dream team (Faust, Queyras, Widmann and Aimard) while the second incudes works by Haydn, Schoenberg and Widmann performed by the Heath Quartet and soprano Carolyn Sampson.

A zoneB zoneC zoneD zoneE zone
Normal price€70----
Youth subscription(-40%)€42----