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Related productions

Per Amor a les Arts – Filmoteca de Catalunya

The Palau is once again taking part in the Filmoteca de Catalunya series, which explores the dialogue between cinema and other artistic disciplines.

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'Cries and whispers' by Igmar Bergman

Tuesday, 08.02.22 – 17 h | Filmoteca de Catalunya

In the preview of the film, the aesthetic bridges between the Swedish director and Kaija Saariaho, guest composer of the season, will be related. Screening related to the concert on 19.02.22 with the Orfeó Català, the OBC and the performance of works by Saariaho, Vivancos and Sibelius.


'Son chant' by Vivian Ostrovsky and With Sonia Wieder-Atherton by Chantal Akerman

Tuesday, 31.05.22 – 17 h | Filmoteca de Catalunya

In the prelude to the double session, the debate on the balances between personal life and musical dedication of the great soloists will be raised. Screening related to the concert on 07.06.22 with the Cosmos Quartet.