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"Schumann & Schumann: ambivalence". With Carlos Calderón
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Carlos Calderón, doctor of humanities and music educator


The serene Schumann and the mad Schumann. The Schumann musician and the multifaceted Schumann. The real Schumann and the fictional Schumann. The chamber chamber Schumann and the symphonic Schumann. The Schumann classic and the fantasy Schumann. The Schumann, Robert. And Schumann, Clara. How many Schumann are we able to analyze in perspective?

Carlos Calderón will explore all possible visions of an inexhaustible character around the Integral of Symphonies presented by the Palau in April 2021.

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Dates and tickets

  • 10 March 2021
    19:00 h
    Petit Palau
  • 11 March 2021
    19:00 h
    Petit Palau

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Prices:Free admission | Limited capacity
Organized by:Fund.Orfeó Català-Palau de la Música