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Palau Great Voices

Subcription Lied

The Palau’s selection of Great Voices for Lieder is crystallised in its own cycle with a firmament of stars who once again fill the Modernist concert hall with delicacy, fatality, beauty and tales that spout from the glowing and universal fount of Romanticism. In four Liederabend, Appl, Gerhaher, Jaroussky and Yoncheva sing all that mankind is capable of excelling in with music and poetry

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Normal price€175€130€90--
Youth subscription(-40%)€105€78€54--
Second subscription(-30%)€123€91€63--

Subcription Barroc

There are songs which reach us from distant days but which time cannot wither, and they always re-emerge with renewed vitality. This year, Palau Great Voices splits into two paths, one of which leads to the Baroque. Three world-renowned voices, Orlinski, Bartoli and Jaroussky, give us little-known treasures with a genius that is hard to surpass.

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Normal price€320€195€145--
Youth subscription(-40%)€192€117€87--
Second subscription(-30%)€224€136€101--

Pack Philippe Jaroussky

The portentous voice of Philippe Jaroussky on two unforgettable evenings (one Baroque, the other Romantic). There is a special price for the combined ticket for the two sessions with one of today’s most inimitable musical personalities.

(*) This concert package is excluded from the usual advantages of the Palau's subscribers

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Normal price€160€110€80€55€40