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La Traviata Verdi
Staged opera in two acts



Orquestra Terrassa 48 (05/12/18– 10/01/19 - 03/02/19 – 17/02/19)
Xavier Puig, Musical Direction (05/12/18 – 10/01/19 - 03/02/19 – 17/02/19)

Orquestra Metropolitana de Barcelona (06/04/19)
Roberto Laborda,
Musical Conductor (06/04/19)

Jesús Fernández, Stage Director
Sergi Gimenez Carreras
, Artistic Director

Ballet NovAria
Cor NovAria

Marga Cloquell, sarah Zhai, laura del rio, Montserrat Martí, Violetta Valery
Néstor Losán, Carlos Cremades, Sergi Giménez , Alfredo Germont
Alberto Cazes, Joan García Gomà,Giorgio Germont
Cecília Ferraioli, Angela Lorite, Flora Bervoix
Pedro Calabria, Juan Carlos, Carlos Cremades, Gastone
Quim Cornet, Jordi Clos, Silveri de la O, Marchese d'Obigny
Eduard Moreno, Xavier Cassademont, Barone Douphol
Antonio Fajardo, Danil Sayfullin, Dottore Grenvil
Romina Krieger, Ana Yanini, Aninna (Cameriera)
Emili Gispert, José Luís González, Giuseppe (servo di Violetta)
Germán Casetti, Jordi Clos, Domestico di Flora i Commissario


LA TRAVIATA, the great drama by Giuseppe Verdi, based on the novel "The Lady of the Camellias" by Alexandre Dumas son, is one of the most performed and acclaimed operas daily around the world, including fragments so bright and known as the duet "Brindisi", the spectacular aria-cabaletta of Violetta "Sempre Libera", or the touching final "Addio del passato."

Staged Opera (two hours): Symphony Orchestra, Solists, Choir, costumes. More than 80 artists on stage.

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LA TRAVIATA by G.Verdi, opera in 3 acts based on the novel "Lady of the Camellias" by A. Dumas. Paris and environs, 1880.

ACT I: Violetta's House. Violetta Valery, a famous courtesan, gives a lavish party in Paris to celebrate her recovery from an illness. The young nobleman Alfredo Germont wants to meet Violetta, because he secretly adores her. Violetta feels dizzy and asks her guests to leave and let her rest until she recovers, but Alfredo enters and declares his love. She gives him a camellia and tells him to return when it wilts.

ACT II. First Scene. Violetta's country house outside Paris. 3 months later. Alfredo and Violetta live a quiet life, she has completely abandoned her previous lifestyle. Violetta went to Paris to sell everything she owns to support their simple country life, but Alfredo is overwhelmed and goes immediately to Paris to rectify the situation. Alfredo's father, Giorgio Germont, comes home and demands Violetta to break up her relationship with his son, because her reputation as a courtesan sullied the name Germont. Violetta decides to leave her beloved, so she writes a farewell letter to Alfredo and accepts a party invitation in Paris from a friend of her. As soon as Alfredo reads the letter, Germont returns and tries to comfort his son. Alfredo suspects the baron Douphol is behind his separation with Violetta and the party invitation. He decides to confront Violetta going to the party.

ACT II: Second Scene. Party at Flora's House. To drown her sorrows, Violetta goes back deep into her debauchery. Baron Douphol faces Alfredo at the gambling table, but Alfredo wins large amounts of money. Violetta fears that the wrath of the baron could led him to challenge Alfredo to a duel, so she asks him to leave the house. Alfredo confuses her fears and confronts her believing that she loves the baron, and tries to dishonor her throwing her the money that he says she owes for the courtesan services while they lived together. She sings about her sadness: "Alfredo, you cannot understand all the love in this heart.

ACT III: A few months after the party, Violetta does bed rest due to her tuberculosis, she will not live long. Violetta recieves a letter from Germont, which tells that Alfredo knows of the sacrifice Violetta made for him, and that he's coming to visit her soon to beg for forgiveness. The lovers meet again and Alfredo suggests to leave Paris to live together again. But it's too late, moments later Violetta dies in Alfredo's arms.

Information and tickets

Dates and tickets

  • 18 November 2018
    18:30 h
    Concert Hall
  • 5 December 2018
    20:00 h
    Concert Hall
  • 10 January 2019
    20:00 h
    Concert Hall
  • 3 February 2019
    18:30 h
    Concert Hall
  • 17 February 2019
    18:30 h
    Concert Hall
  • 6 April 2019
    18:30 h
    Concert Hall

Production information

Prices:from 38 to 58 €
Approximate:140 minutes (aprox)
Organized by:NovAria Artists & Bohèmia's

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