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En Jan Titella

Emotions through a musical adventure

Childhood Education: P3

Dates: 2020 December, 9, 10 and 11 
Sessions: 10:00 am - 11:45 a.m
Space: Petit Palau
Price: 9 €
Capacity: 205 seats


Titellaires i músics del Centre de Titelles de Lleida, interpreters
Joan-Andreu Vallvé, script
Poire Vallvé, music

The adventure:
Jan, a puppet adventurous, try to help his friend the cricket. So begins a journey of sounds and noises that will lead to a big city, get to a beach, a storm and finally live in the forest desembocaremos desired. The force of thunder, the whistling wind, the lapping of the sea and the birds singing, among others, will become one of the leading travel companions of these two intrepid protagonists.

The goal:
-Awakening the ear-and the various perceptions through a journey of contrasts hearing.
-Submit them qualities of sound: timbre, intensity, duration and height.
-Learn new repertoire of songs composed specifically for this age.