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Digitopia al Palau

Musical creation workshop with mobile devices and computers

Secondary Education: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Dates: 6 June 2013
Hours: 10, 12 am and 3 pm
Space: Petit Palau
Price: 6.5 €
Capacity: 30

F. Lopes,  J. A. Gomes, trainers of the Fundaçao Casa da Música, de Oporto

The adventure: The workshop is to develop a new music creation collectively from instruments based on new technologies or digital devices such as computers, iPhones, iPads ... Participants will work with programs created by the Fundaçao Casa da Música de Porto and other free programs that can continue after experiencing at school. Eventually trainers offer a small performance.

The goal:
-Create a collective music with digital instruments.
-Discover the immense sound possibilities of the composition through mobile or digital technology.