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3. Buy your tickets

To purchase your tickets, contact the concert chosen:

From this point, you will enter in your shopping cart, where you can choose the area where you want to settle in, the number of entries, you can check the amount of your purchase. If enabled discounts function, you can make use identifying yourself as beneficiary if applicable:

Then you will accept the seats that the system assigns the default, or change your selection and choose your seat on the plane hall:

If you have made a reservation for different seats, click 'Modify your products' and will return to the previous page to accept the purchase and make your payment. Once the process is complete, you will receive notice of your ticket order placed and added to your personal space.

The process of buying subscriptions is a procedure very similar, with the particularity that is a multiple selection of predefined events. For questions about, you can get in touch with Ticket Office (902 442 882 or email

Once you have purchased your ticket, you can manage your tickets in your personal space (print them when you prefer).