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The Spanish school of guitar is represented by a very interesting collection of local and foreign publications, as well as didactic writings.


Tratado de armonía y composición aplicadas a la guitarra by Felix Ponzoa

Felix Ponzoa. Tratado de armonía y composición aplicadas á la guitarra seguido de algunas noticias báficas sobre los autores que mas han brillado en este instrumento. [ca. 1850-ca. 1897]. Manuscript, 136 p. (30 x 22 cm)

Tratado de armonía y composición aplicadas a la guitarra by Félix Ponzoa

Born in Murcia, Félix Ponzoa enjoyed a brilliant career in public administration that took him to Palma de Majorca, Barcelona and Castellón. His responsibilities left him enough free time to devote himself to works of historical and archaeological scholarship as well as literary endeavours. Between 1849 and 1857 he devoted himself to the guitar, both as player and lecturer, notably in Barcelona as part of the Literary Society. His treatise is influenced by other works devoted to the guitar, such as the Tratado teórico-práctico de armonía y composición by Francisco Andreví (Barcelona, 1848). It is distinguished by the high level of mastery of musical language − harmony and counterpoint – that it demands of guitarists. Made up of an introduction and thirty-six chapters, it addresses in a progressive and systematic manner all of the technical issues, and describes the habitual forms, of guitar music − prelude, minuet, variations, fantasias, overture, symphony, etc. The second part of the treatise is devoted to thirteen biographical notes on leading guitar performers and composers, such as Fernando Sor and Dionisio Aguado, notes that were later referenced, sometimes verbatim, by Mariano Soriano Fuertes in his Historia de la musica española desde la venida de los fenicios hasta el año 1850 (Barcelona – Madrid, 1855 – 1859). This treatise is thus confirmed as a major source in the history of music in Spain.

A manuscrit with similar contents is preserved at the Biblioteca Nacional de España (Madrid).

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