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Santi Moix, draftsman and sculptor

A New Yorker for almost thirty years, Santi Moix lives in a state of constant search with surprising creative impulse. A non-transferable character, his work contains a strong presence of nature and organic elements in equilibrium between two worlds: the abstract and the figurative, the ingenious and the dreamscape. 
A drawer and a sculptor, Moix finds space of reflection within the painting; a refuge where he is able to improve and develop.
The Palau de la Música Catalana is a vegetative world where music grows the flowers which Montaner foresaw and it is also a place where the chromatic creations of our guest will encourage dialogue to enrich our experience.
This man from Barcelona rewards us with a series of bouquets; plastic treasures that will wither like a perfect witness of the Vanitas: reminders of the passage of time and expressions of death.
It’s a sensitive exhibition which reveals the secrets of an artist who triumphs outside of our borders.

From 6 October to 12 November 2017

Other activities

  • Meeting with Santi Moix
  • Visit with the artist